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Earthlings Learning

GCSE tutoring for Earth Sciences



How the courses work

  • All courses are online using Zoom. Lessons are all recorded and stored securely online in case the students miss a class or want to watch them again .


  • Courses are designed around UK iGCSEs. We do three things really: learn the material on the syllabus, practice to pass the exams, and most importantly learn as many interesting and weird facts about the subject as we can!

  • The classes are generally based around a presentation and as much discussion and as many random tangents as the students feel like. We try to deal with even complicated topics in a relaxed way.

  • Discussion is encouraged, as is having your camera and microphone on but students are welcome to engage however they like. There's no pressure to speak up so students can take back seat whenever they feel like it.

  • Homework is generally given every other week and fulfills a lot of the assessment to check students' progress


Current classes

IGCSE Environmental Management

IGCSE Geography

June 2023 - May June 2024

Environmental Management

  • Mondays 10 - 11.40am GMT

  • Wednesdays 2 - 3.40pm GMT



  • Mondays 2 - 3.40pm GMT

  • Tuesdays 10 - 11.40am GMT

Registration now open for 2024 courses!


Intensive (12 month) Courses

IGCSE Environmental Management


June 2024 - May 2025


  • Mondays 11am-12.50am GMT


  • Wednesdays 2pm-3.50pm GMT

IGCSE Geography


June 2024 - May 2025

             Class times:

  • Mondays 3pm-4.50 pm GMT


2022 -2024
Non-Intensive two-year Classes


IGCSE Environmental Management

(2 year non-intensive)

Cambridge IGCSE

Two-year Course:

September 2022 - July 2024


                Class time

  • Tuesdays 2-3pm GMT

Starts Tuesday 6th September 2022

IGCSE Geography

(2 year Non-intensive)



Edexcel IGCSE

Two-year Course:

September 2022 - July 2024


             Class time

  • Thursdays 2-3pm GMT

Starts Thursday 8th September 2022

Hello, I'm Damian and I do all the tutoring here at Earthlings Learning.

I've been teaching since 2010 when I graduated university and began teaching English as a foreign language overseas. I've worked in China, Japan, Turkey, Italy and France working with everyone from kindergarten kids to teenagers, to industry professionals.

After teaching abroad in private schools I decided I wanted to use my teaching skills for something I've always been passionate about - the environment and sustainability. So I came back to the UK and completed a Masters Degree in Environmental Management and started up Earthlings Learning in 2021 as a way of helping share this enthusiasm and knowledge with the home-education community and for people in school who might not have the option to study these topics.

I bring a real passion for the topic, an unconventional teaching background and an international perspective that's increasingly important in our beautiful, fragile and interconnected world.

In my free time I enjoy travel, hiking and board games. I'm an amateur ecologist and entomologist, participating in recording schemes and am a member of the British Ecological Society.

About me

Above the Clouds

What students and parents say

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Damian’s geography classes are fantastic and inspiring. My son really looks forward to them each week. Damian is very friendly and enthusiastic and always presents topics in an informative and fun way. We are so lucky to have found such an excellent teacher.

- Alison, Parent

Tropical Leaves

I’ve really enjoyed Damian’s course so far. The lessons are fun, informative and engaging and I’ve learnt loads about Geography!

- Alexander, Student

Beautiful Landscape

I've been homeschooling for a good few years and it suffices to say I’ve recommended Damian at every given opportunity. The lessons are fun and engaging and I can truly see how much my daughter is enjoying and benefitting from them.

- Shahrina, Parent




Tutors & Exams provides examination and assessment facilities primarily aimed at private and home educated candidates. The company was established in 2014 by a former Examinations Officer and Awarding Organisation Manager with over 25 years’ experience in education administration. In the intervening years Tutors & Exams has evolved into a much valued and respected examination venue. 
Tutors & Exams has nationwide coverage with centres located around the country All are approved for examination delivery by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ). 


In addition to our examination centres, we also have a dedicated Science laboratory based in Birmingham, England with the ability to deliver A Level Science practicals all year round (consecutive four-day course for each subject).  We have also partnered with two schools in London to deliver Science practicals outside of term time, using their labs.


In 2020/21 Tutors & Exams delivered examination assessments to thousands of candidates. We cater for 95% of all GCSE/GCE, International GCSE/GCE and Pearson Edexcel International A Level subjects alongside Functional Skills. We are also willing to consider requests for additional subjects that we do not currently cater for.


To ensure access to assessment is available to ALL learners we have our own SENCo who can assist in organising access arrangements if required. 


We work in partnership with many large, respected distance learning providers and online schools, and very much value these relationships to deliver high quality assessment for their learners. We also accommodate private training organisations delivering qualifications to sizeable cohorts spread geographically throughout the UK. 
Furthermore, we also facilitate examinations for a growing number of universities to deliver their distance learning programmes.  The University of London, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh Napier University, Loughborough University and Edinburgh Business School are already valued clients. Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing and AAT (Association of Accountancy Technicians) assessments are also available in our centres.

For more information click here

When taking a course with Earthlings Learning you can get their Partner Rate which can mean up to a 15% discount on exams at these centres.

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